Business Litigation

Over Two Decades of Experience with California Lawsuits

The Los Angeles Business Litigation attorneys of Webb & Ord have over two decades of experience in commercial litigation. When you find your company in a make or break scenario, you want a law firm that you can trust to meet your objectives. Webb & Ord specialize in finding creative solutions to achieve our clients’ goals in any dispute. We are aware of the high cost of litigation, and strive to chart the most efficient and effective course to your legal goals. Rather than simply going through the motions and cashing a check, Webb & Ord will strive to bring any litigation to a quick and successful end to let your business get back on track.

We Prepare to Litigate Any Case

When there are contract disputes, they need to be settled once and for all.  If litigation can be avoided, it is usually a better outcome, but we prepare your case as if litigation is unavoidable.  Webb & Ord takes California business litigation cases in a wide variety of categories, including:

Are You a California Business Facing a Lawsuit?

Webb & Ord tries and wins these kinds of business litigation cases, and many more, on behalf of our clients. If you’re a California business in need of legal help call 323-462-3736 to consult with one of our attorneys today.