Civil Litigation

What does a Civil Litigation Attorney Do?

If you are involved in a lawsuit, you need strong and experienced legal representation.  A civil lawsuit deals with who is responsible for damages or injuries, determines who is at fault, and decides just compensation for the victim.  The case may be heard in state or federal courts.  Whether you are pursuing such a lawsuit, or defending against it, your lawyer is going to be the key to getting the best outcome for you.

We are attorneys who guide our clients through the entire legal process.  A lawsuit is typically a complex and stressful experience.  As your representatives, we don’t shy away from the difficulties, and work hard on your behalf, to get justice for you and your interests.

Our Attorneys Will Ease Your Stress

Long before your case even gets to court, your counsel will guide you through the process of filing a civil lawsuit. The attorneys at Webb & Ord will help you decide the best avenue for compensation. Perhaps your case can be settled without a lengthy trial.  Our attorneys will help you make that decision.

Webb & Ord represents businesses, individuals and institutions in a wide array of civil claims, including:

You will Work Directly with Your Attorney

Webb & Ord is a tight-knit firm where you will work directly with your attorney while assessing and managing your civil case.  Located on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, we offer our legal services to in matters throughout the state. If you have a civil case, give us a call 323-462-3736 or contact us here for a free consultation .