California Collections Attorneys

Our firm takes cases for commercial collections greater than $10,000, and we sue. Where other firms will bill you thousands of dollars to simply send letters to debtors, Webb & Ord can and will litigate and will use all legal avenues to collect your money.

Are You Stuck in Dead Center?

If you are reading these words, you are likely already tired of struggling with your debtors.  You need progress toward your goal of collecting what is owed to you.  Our attorneys will get you off of dead center, and get things progressing toward payment.

If we don’t collect, you don’t pay

For contingency clients, if we do not successfully collect funds, there is no fee for our legal services. That is how confident we are that we’ll collect your money. Most business agreements have a long trail of documents and witnesses. Webb & Ord look at your case, from the bills of sale, to the contracts, invoices, e-mail and the witness testimonies— and we’ll find an admission of debt and a pathway to recovery.

Webb & Ord collects for companies, government agencies, banks and other creditors. For higher collection returns, contact us today at 323-462-3736.