Commercial Arbitration and Corporate Mediation

Litigation is Expensive

Even as litigators, who enjoy going to trial and who truly rely on the courts for the success of our clients, we realize that going to court and trying a case can be a long and expensive process. The time invested and the sheer cost of court fees and attorneys can weigh down a company. Time spent in court is time spent out of your office, away from sales and growth of your business.  Your case can languish in court for years, as discoveries and motions drag on and on.  Sometimes, this is the only way.

A good attorney will help you weigh all your options, and will seek the most fair and efficient outcomes.  Webb and Ord facilitate flexible, creative, out of court settlements.  We help you find the best outcomes possible, always taking into consideration the constraints of time and cost.

Less Adversarial Than the Courtroom, and Quieter

The arbitration process is designed to be less formal and more collaborative than is courtroom litigation.  When you want to preserve an ongoing business relationship with the other party in a dispute,  arbitration or mediation may be a better choice than a lawsuit in court.   There is also the additional advantage that there is no public hearing, and no public record.   The parties can agree to keep the dispute in confidence, avoiding publicity.

Get Legal Advice from the Right Attorneys

Contact Webb & Ord at 323-462-3736 to get your mediation started as soon as possible. We are located in Los Angeles and offer our mediation expertise throughout the state of California. We are board certified attorneys and experienced, level-headed arbitrators. We will provide practical counsel and agreeable compromises to your commercial mediation needs, so that your business can resume business as usual.