Commercial Disputes

Business is Complicated.  Disagreements Do Happen.

The attorneys at Webb & Ord have decades of experience representing California clients in litigation and mediation concerning commercial disputes. Disputes between buyers and sellers, employer and employee, principals and agents, contractors and sub-contractors, investors and owners — whatever the problem or whoever the parties, we can help you sort out the tangles issues and move toward a successful resolution.  Our attorneys are always prepared to go to court and fight on your behalf — but litigation and be expensive and time consuming (and unpredictable!).  The attorneys at Webb & Ord also bring a deep background in mediating complex business cases.

Long Experience in Litigating California Business Disputes

Commerce has been with us for millennia, and Business Law has grown to encompass the variety and complexity of real-life situations.  It involves corporate contracts, hiring practices, governmental regulations, invoicing, billing and collection — every aspect of conducting commerce.  Our areas of emphasis include:

And many more. Commercial disputes, and how to prevent and handle them, is what our legal practice is all about.  Call Webb & Ord at 323-462-3736 with the details of your dispute, to get started toward a successful resolution.