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Entitlements and CEQA Compliance

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Permits and other Entitlements

Developers and other property owners often face challenges in securing needed permits.   Drawing upon our experience and knowledge of the legal process in California, we help you develop an effective strategy for environmental review and permitting.  This includes federal, state and local regulatory agencies.  You need a strong, experienced advocate in order to avoid getting lost in the maze of requirements.

Our entitlement and permitting work has encompassed everything from individual homeowners, to small residential developments, to commercial renovation, to large vacant properties.  We have dealt with the Endangered Species Act compliance on behalf of our clients.  It has involved land use litigation and appeals and the drafting of ordinances.

Because of our firm’s history of activity in California real estate and construction law, Webb & Ord enjoys good working relationships with the permitting agencies and regulatory bodies.  Our forceful and positive representation of your project will help you get over the regulatory hurdles, succeed faster, and with more confidence.

Complying with the California Environmental Quality Act

This is no small matter for the landowner or developer.  CEQA challenges are often the preferred method for stopping any planned project.  CEQA compliance involves dealing with the California Natural Resources Agency, in filing environmental declarations, exemptions, impact reports and various other detailed and complicated filings.  If not managed properly, this phase of the entitlement process can eat up too much time and money. Whether your project is a municipal building, a formerly contaminated site, a shopping center or a landfill, Webb & Ord take care of your CEQA compliance.

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