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Land Use law in California covers the appropriate and legal uses of land. Land Use planning and compliance involves navigating regulations from several governmental agencies, and includes zoning, taxing, and permits.  Requirements can be contradictory.  Whether you’re considering a law suit, drawing up plans, or simply need advice, the Los Angeles real estate law firm of Webb & Ord are here to provide legal advice. We can counsel you or your company based on our combined many years in California Land Use legal matters..

Our Attorneys Are Well-Versed in Land Use Issues, including:

Webb & Ord will go to trial for you

Unlike other firms, who are happy to give you basic counsel and take a fee, Webb & Ord are experienced with juries, trials and settlements. Our attorneys will put their expertise in land use law to your benefit. Property is very often the most important asset that a corporation or individual owns, and there comes a time for many owners when that land is put in dire straits. Go with a law firm that will litigate, go with Webb & Ord.