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“Marvin” Claims can be Very Valuable, or Very Costly

Under a 1976 California Supreme Court decision known as “Marvin v. Marvin,” unmarried parties who cohabitate can enforce claims for support and property, by filing a Marvin claim as a civil court action, rather than in family court.  In the dissolution of a relationship, the value of this claim can exceed that of of any other available arrangements through a family court.

A Marvin Action is all about property sharing between couples who have split up.  As real estate lawyers, this puts Marvin claims right in our wheelhouse, whether you are initiating a claim, or need to defend against a claim.  Real estate is often the largest single asset class held by a California resident.  A claim against your real estate is a serious matter.

If you are reading this page, you may have already googled on “marvin claim” and read many of the available webpages explaining the terms, limitations, theories, history, and speculations about this crucial area of California law.  Many of these lawyer webpages read like class notes, as if they are eager to distill everything into a hierarchical outline of issues to consider.  Be careful:  as a layperson, you cannot sufficiently educate yourself to make the right decisions as to your Marvin claim.  Until you take the next step, and call the right attorney, nothing is going to happen for you.  Time is not on your side.

Webb & Ord have handled Marvin claims, in civil litigation, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in court, in mediation, and in every phase of the litigation process.  This is one area where you need to be absolutely sure of your attorney’s track record and qualifications.  We are litigators and are aggressive defenders of our clients rights.  Call us today, at 323-462-3736.