Real Estate Litigation

Protect Your Real Estate Investment

Real Estate is a big investment. Whether you are an owner, investor or real estate developer, protect your commercial or residential investment with comprehensive legal representation from Webb & Ord.

We Prepare as if Every Case is Going to Court

Real estate transactions can and do go wrong. Financing can fall through, participants can dispute purchase agreements and owners can find themselves upside-down in their investments. As real estate projects move from stage to stage, we can prepare you for the legal issues, opportunities and pitfalls that can arise.  We can help you ask the right questions, and chart a practical course through a complicated project. From the beginning, we seek the best alternatives and outcomes for you, but we prepare as if every case is going to land in court.

Our attorneys are experienced and have shown proven results in many types of Real Estate Litigation.

Minimize your Real Estate Litigation Risk

Even before you have a conflict that needs mediation or a trial — it’s important to have an experienced real estate lawyer involved. Investors, buyers and sellers will often get caught up in minor contract disputes that slow the process to a standstill or kill the project altogether — or worse, can lead to expensive litigation.  Our practical guidance can make the difference between a transaction that drags out, and one that is once again moving toward completion.

Real Estate Disputes Happen

Our attorneys have over 30 years handling real estate cases. Our team are also experienced mediators and arbitrators. Contact Webb & Ord at 323-462-3736.