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How Do You Manage the Risk of Litigation?

As a business, you have a public surface that is complex.  This surface touches on the local economy, the services you offer for sale, your customer base, your suppliers, your employees, your competitors, your shareholders (and many more entities).  From all of these surface areas can come business risks.  These include product liability, breach of contract, intellectual property challenges, class actions, and many other litigation types that are more or less routine. For each of these, there is a cost and a probability.  Being methodical about sizing up the risks, foreseeing their probability, and preparing for them, can be what separates your business from the rest.

Avoiding Litigation:  Have a Strategy.  Work Your Strategy.

A football coach will tell you that if you are in motion, running, you are less likely to be injured than if you are standing flat-footed, and get hit unexpectedly.  Webb & Ord actively work with our clients to get in motion — to look at where litigation is likely to come from, and to decide on the strategy and the resources required for handling them should they arise. This preparation work, has a major positive impact on the future of your business.  It can remove the stress usually associated with handling unexpected lawsuits as they arise.  Anticipating the risk, and being in motion, reduces the risk of a game- or career-ending injury (continuing the sports analogy).

Weigh the Risk Factors

There are things every business can do to reduce their “attack surface” and thereby reduce the risk of being drawn into litigation.  Beyond that, investing in risk management can help you drive better outcomes for your particular business and industry.  It’s a preventive medicine approach that pays off.  It shows foresight and provides additional peace of mind to executives and boards of directors.

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