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It is outrageous the number of businesses perishing beneath so many diligent entrepreneurs and employees because of the scheming tactics of just one crooked criminal searching for that one ambitious optimist to victimize. This happens nearly everyday which is why it is in this area of practice that our Los Angeles attorneys at Webb & Ord law firm are experts. They combine their persistence and proficiency with their compassion for clients, elevating them through the highest realms of litigation success.

Frequently reported types of fraud:

  • Cheating by a business partner.
  • An employee who steals an employer’s funds by forgery or alternation on bank accounts.
  • Manipulating an employer to issue payments for feigned goods, services and personal purchases.
  • An employee who conjures claims for repayment of fictitious goods or exaggerated expenses.
  • An employee who manipulates his/her employer into issuing payments by creating phony claims for compensation.
  • When a person grants, accepts or solicits valuables in regards to a business decision with ulterior motives without awareness of the principal.
  • Billing
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Payroll
  • Illegal Gratuities

As a victim of fraud, it is possible to suffer hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses simply because of corrupted illicitness.   Although financial suffering is the biggest burden one will experience in the consumption of business fraud, it will also cost the victim in humility as a law abiding citizen. It can be mentally and emotionally draining leaving the sufferer to feel incompetent and reluctant about attempting to rise back into the business world any time soon, blemishing their once ambitious nature.

All business delegations should be suspended at the first sign of fraud. It is at this point when one should speak with an experienced attorney to further investigate the affair. Keeping records and documenting all matters will aid in addressing the legalities of the case in order to secure your protection.   Eric Web & Eleanor Ord will fight on your behalf holding the responsible party liable for damages and suffering. With over $50,000,000.00 in results and over twenty-five practicing, the lawyers at Webb & Ord law firm are aggressive business litigators. They will persistently pursue justice with competency and compassion by going the extra miles to see you recover what you are entitled.

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