Have you purchased property in Glendale recently and feel you are a victim of fraud by non-disclosure? We are knowledge Real Estate Non-Disclosure Attorneys for Glendale.  It can be something as simple as not being told that:

Your new neighbors are noisy or a nuisance

  • The house was built on filled land
  • There was a murder on the property
  • The house was a known drug lab house

Or do you feel you were cheated because you were told facts about the property which are not true? Some examples of structural defects may be:

Leaking roofs have been “fixed”

  • Inoperable or leaking plumbing has been repaired
  • Mold issue has been eradicated
  • Defective furnaces, air-conditioning units or other mechanical devices are in good working order

Regulatory defects may include:

  • Improvements or remodeling done without permits
  • Structures built or “add-ons” without regard to zoning regulations

 California Law is Designed to Protect the Buyer and the Seller

 A seller of Glendale, California real estate is bound by law and duty to disclose any facts affecting that property’s value. That seller has a statutory duty to disclose pursuant to a California real estate transfer disclosure statement and under California Civil Code section 1102.6. Failure of a seller of California real estate to fulfill such duty of disclosure can constitute actual fraud. A seller’s disclosure requirements are designed to eliminate any surprise discovery of negative facts and/or half-truths in connection with the purchase.

 Over $30 Million in Results

 If you believe that a material fact or facts were not disclosed to your purchase of property in Glendale, or anywhere else in California, please feel free to call the attorneys at Webb & Ord for your free consultation.  We are experienced California real estate attorneys and have successfully prosecuted these cases on behalf of sellers throughout California.  If a material fact or facts were not disclosed to you in the purchase of your property, you may have a lawsuit for fraud against the seller.

For a free consultation, call Attorney Eric Webb or Eleanor Ord today at (323) 462-3736.





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