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Many times new homeowners get settled in their new home or condo unit and begin to realize its not what they had expected. If your dissatisfaction goes beyond too small closets or the wrong color of carpet, perhaps it is of a more serious nature due to possible construction defects in the construction or repair of your new home. The list is long and varied.

  •  Toxic defects can range from black mold, radon, formaldehyde which is present in engineered wood you would find in kitchen or bathroom cabinets, or the bonding agents used in countertops, oil base paint and wood finishes, exposed insulation emits minute fiberglass particles which can be breathed in.
  • Soil & land issues are improper sloping in the landscaping which leads to ponding or pooling of water, soil not properly compacted during construction faze can result in land movement causing concrete slippage in and around pool, driveway, patio, water pooling, also sinkholes, foundation sinking, cracking walls inside and outside the dwelling, doors and framework cracking and shifting
  •  Improper Roof, Stucco, Window, Door installation call all lead to leaking water issues causing mold, structural damage to subfloors, drywall, paint, stucco and flooring.
  • Shower doors and toilets improperly installed can cause mold, leaking, floor damage, wall and ceiling damage which can extend to adjoining rooms or even adjoining neighbors homes if you live in a condominium.


These are just a few examples of construction defects that can affect your health, your family’s health and your general well being and ease at home. If you suspect serious issues with your new home, call the attorneys at Webb & Ord for a free consultation. We can assess the facts, using the best professionals in the area to determine if the problems you are experiencing are in fact, due to construction defects and who should be held liable in those instances.

 $30 Million in Results for California Residents, including AT $2M+ Verdict in a construction defect case

 Webb & Ord are experienced in negotiations with opposing parties and experienced trying cases in a court of law. We consider each client’s unique claims and pursue those based on what we carefully consider is the correct course of action. We give each client and their concerns our complete attention in order to achieve a satisfactory resolution. We understand these aren’t just numbers to our clients, their home is their sanctuary. We want to help you resolve the issues that stand in the way of the comfort, safety and healthy environment in your home that you deserve.  Call Eric Webb or Eleanor Ord at (323) 462-3736 today and let us review your case with you.

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